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 Campaigns That Get Results

An experienced SEO marketing consultant can add immense value, revenue, and web traffic to your business.

Whether you’re looking to increase acquisition, outrank your competitors or build brand awareness, search marketing is a great option.

The longer you wait to optimize your site, build your campaigns, or configure your Google Analytics correctly, the more money you will lose.

“From the day Cort stepped on board, he provided massive value to the Hack Reactor organization by planning and executing online, email marketing and search engine optimization strategies." - Doug Calhoun,  Co-Founder

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Target High Value Phrases on Google and Track Conversions

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Is your business right for search engine marketing?

This is the most important question you need to answer before you begin SEO and Google Ads.

Is my website my primary source for sales or leads? If it isn't, is it built in a way that it can be?

For most companies that do business face to face the answer is no.

If you've already invested time, money and energy into your website, but didn't apply SEO or launch Google Ads, then you've basically built an expensive car and not filled up the gas tank.

Don't be the company who wastes tons of money creating an online presence, and then misses out on the biggest source of potential traffic - Google.

Contact me at to become your businesses’ digital marketing consultant. I can execute campaigns or provide the right strategy.

You can request a free consultation by calling 916-710-3306. I've also setup a new website for those in need of a Sacramento SEO, AdWords and Google Analytics consultant.

Learn how search marketing and data can help your business grow

Every day, billions of people are conducting online searches for products and information. This information helps them decide which of those products to buy.

You can capture this search traffic by using inbound marketing techniques, which include creating highly relevant, search optimized content.

Or can you create targeted AdWords campaigns while tracking your ROI and lead generation with Google Analytics.

A lot of San Francisco or Bay Area companies bring in an expert, freelance marketing consultant who can develop their search marketing and content strategy.

They may also need someone to each their current marketing team best practices, or configure their Google Analytics tracking for clean and clear reporting.

My service areas include Oakland, San Jose, Silicon Valley and Walnut Creek. Typically I work remotely but I'm also available for onsite training, meetings and more.