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Dump Your Expensive Agency & Start Getting Results

As a S.F. SEO specialist I've built web traffic for dozens of sites. The approach I bring is heavily focused on content.

Your website should be filled with pages and blogs that target phrases people are searching on Google.

Furthermore, you want to target phrases that are most likely to result in a lead or sale.

I can optimize your website's keywords, enhance your content strategy,  and get you on the first page of Google.

Transparency & Consistent Reporting

Too often clients who work with SEO professionals have no idea if things are actually working.

SEO marketers and agencies need to stop confusing clients with industry jargon that clients don't understand.

If working with your SEO agency or expert feels like trying to understand your auto mechanic, you need to make a change.

With me, you'll get monthly traffic reports from Google Analytics that include the total number of leads generated from SEO. You'll also get rankings reports from Google Search Console.

I'll teach you how to use these tools so you don't ever need to wait for me if you want to view our progress.

Manual Audits

On-Site SEO Training

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Why Agency SEO Audits Are A Waste Of Money

Customized, In-Person SEO Training

Not all agencies are bad. But too often I see or hear about multi-thousand dollar SEO audits.

Depending on the size of the website, this could make sense, but that's rarely the case.

Lastly, agencies don't have people manually reviewing your pages for content suggestions or site architecture changes.

Nor do they look closely enough at your Google Analytics. If you need a real SEO audit, call me. I manually review the parts of your site that matter most and provide detailed suggestions that will increase rankings.

When it comes to SEO, many companies and marketers are often unsure where to start. Really great SEO takes a wide range of skills to execute a diverse list of tasks.

This begs the questions, "What should our top education priorities be? What tools do we need to learn? How do we build a SEO campaign or strategy?"

Whether you or your company choose on-site, hands on SEO training or to learn as an individual through one of my SEO classes, you'll come out of it with everything you need to succeed.

“From the day Cort stepped on board, he provided massive value to the Hack Reactor organization by planning and executing online, email marketing and search engine optimization strategies." - Doug Calhoun,  Co-Founder

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Campaigns That Get Results

An experienced marketing consultant can add immense value, revenue, and web traffic to your business.

Whether you’re looking to increase acquisition, outrank your competitors or build brand awareness, search marketing is a great option.

The longer you wait to optimize your site, build your campaigns, or configure your Google Analytics correctly, the more money you will lose.

Search Marketing and Data Can Help Your Business Grow

Every day, billions of people are conducting online searches for products and information.

This information helps them decide which of those products to buy.

You can capture this search traffic by using inbound marketing techniques, which include creating highly relevant, search optimized content. Get started today.