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Tired of looking online for answers to your biggest SEO questions? As part of my marketing consulting, I offer SEO training in San Francisco and other Bay Area locations.


Teaching search engine optimization can come in multiple forms, like one-day group sessions, on-site visits at your company’s location, or one of my public classes at the Parisoma co-working space in S.F. One of the most common requests people make is, “Can you use our site as the primary example for your SEO curriculum?” The answer is absolutely.


You need to know how you can optimize your site, not someone else’s and not something in the abstract.


Below you can download the slides I use to teach SEO at public events. I assure you that during your session, things will be totally customized.


Download My SEO Training Slides from Public Classeslearn SEO bay area


I’ve been teaching SEO in the Bay Area for years. It has been one of the most enjoyable things to do during my time as a consultant.


The training sessions are lively, interactive, filled with anecdotes and I enjoy the back and forth with those who attend a great deal.


I have a standing offer with each person there that if they can ask a SEO question I can’t answer, they can receive a free 30 minute consultation.


If you’re interested in onsite SEO training or virtual training, contact me today to discuss a session outline and quote.  


Continue reading to learn why I’m confident my training style is the ultimate solution to your SEO needs.


SEO Training Curriculum | San Francisco, Bay Area

When it comes to SEO, many companies and marketers are often unsure where to start. Really great SEO takes a wide range of skills to execute a diverse list of tasks.


This begs the questions, “What should our top education priorities be? What tools do we need to learn? How do we build a SEO campaign or strategy?”


Whether you or your company choose on-site, hands on SEO training or to learn as an individual through one of my SEO classes, you’ll come out of it with:


  • Information to design or reorganize your website for vastly better rankings
  • Best practices for targeting and categorizing your most valuable keywords
  • Blogging to achieve growth in organic search visits and to nurture your customers down the sales funnel
  • Hands on experience with essential SEO tools like Moz, Search Console, Keyword Planner and more
  • The most proven strategies to build your website’s domain authority. Domain authority is a composite score of high value search ranking signals that mostly include backlinks (which is when other websites link to you)
  • Superior knowledge of on-page SEO variables (including many you wouldn’t think of). Your content writers can use this information to edit current web pages, make additional web pages and make SEO blog
  • How to maximize your website’s PageRank (also known as link juice). Here we’ll discuss ways site architecture and the location of various pages within your website can impact these pages position on Google SERPs
  • Setting up Google Analytics to report essential SEO data, and understanding how to use this data to achieve higher returns. Similarly, we’ll dig into Google Search Console which provides an amazing about of data you can leverage, including impressions, avg. position & even click thru rate!
  • SEO hacks that only someone in the field would know. What tactics are people using to get page one rankings for highly difficult phrases? I can review past campaigns I’ve conducted and show you the tactics that hugely successful companies are using

SEO Training with Real World Examples

I can’t do justice the frustration people express when they read or are taught SEO and everything is in the abstract. Worse, the trainer made SEO out to be a science and not an integrated part of your digital marketing.


Problems like these are totally avoided in my SEO training sessions. I’ve been on dozens of SEO projects and seen almost every scenario you can think of.


Whether it was website redesigns, trouble ranking for the company’s own name, recovering from a Google penalty, or simple things like targeting the right keywords and coming up with a blog strategy, I’ve literally seen it all.


More importantly, I’m happy to share all these anecdotes with you because I know they will help you understand SEO better. (And I do have a ton of SEO stories, trust me.)


SEO Training and Classes That Go the Extra Mile

 What makes me believe that the SEO courses and consulting I offer are the best in San Francisco is that followup, feedback and follow through are all emphasized.


This means that:
  • You can email me any time before or after the training, as questions arise. We’ll also focus the training on areas of weakness so you attain maximum value
  • I personally followup with many of the people I’ve helped teach to make sure they get the results they wanted.
  • Feedback on all training sessions I give is incorporated into future sessions, making the service I provide better each time

How to Know SEO Training Is the Right Path for You or Your Business


If you’re going to pay for SEO classes or on-site training, you need to know that search engine marketing is the right strategy for you or your business.


If you’re wondering whether it’s something you should try, there a few ways you can filter out a yes or no answer.
  • Are your competitors doing SEO and ranking better than you at high-value phrases? If they’re investing in it, you probably should too.
  • Is there enough search volume around your product or service to justify targeting your search market? If no one is Googling for what you offer, what’s the point of doing SEO? We can answer this with detailed keyword research and looking at your Google Search Console data
  • Are other acquisition strategies you’re using not returning a good investment? SEO produces a higher ROI than AdWords, social media and mobile marketing, so it’s a good tactic to pivot to if other channels aren’t working.
  • Are other acquisition channels you’re using producing a great ROI? If so, training yourself or your marketing team in SEO might not be needed.
  • Do you blog or create content regularly? Without SEO, that’s like buying a porsche and not putting any gasoline in it. If your company emphasizes content marketing, I can’t stress enough that you get SEO training.

Start Your Individual or Company SEO Training Today

 You can contact for details and onsite training quotes.


Feel free to visit other areas of my website, including the WordPress SEO expert section. If taking advanced SEO courses is on your to-do list, you’ve also come to the right place.I also provide custom AdWords training, or custom Google Analytics training. Thanks for reading.


Service Areas include:
  • San Francisco
  • Oakland
  • Walnut Creek
  • Palo Alto
  • Silicon Valley
  • San Jose

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