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Have you ever opened up Google Analytics and felt completely overwhelmed by the data you’re seeing? Does it feel impossible to drill down into your data to find metrics that actually mean anything? Even more, as you view your account, does it seem like there are features you’re unsure of how to use or take advantage of?


These are the most common pain points people who approach me for Google Analytics training bring up. The left side bar of options, the admin settings, cross domain and event tracking – all of these are often too much to handle even for experienced digital marketers.


I’ve conducted dozens of Google Analytics training sessions in the San Francisco, Bay Area with great success. Whether a company prepared their questions ahead of time or went with a pre-planned training outline, by the time we’re finished they finally have the answers they’re looking for and the skills to keep up with their data long-term.

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When you’re actually able to analyze your data for meaningful insights, you can then choose the right marketing actions to take next. Data driven decision making will produce predictably higher ROI for your company, lead to sound investments in the digital space, and correct divestments in marketing tactics that aren’t working.


Read below to learn more about all the different types of Google Analytics features I can help you with, or send me a training request at


The Most Common Google Analytics Training Topics


Businesses that have contacted me for Google Analytics training are big believers in multiple digital marketing channels. They’re often executing SEO and AdWords campaigns, building referral traffic (and trying to measure it), sending out email newsletters and much more. With all these different activities producing new data from separate buckets of visitors, tracking performance can be difficult.


Similarly, the ultimate measure of effectiveness comes from goal tracking, and Google Analytics works in such a way that you can see a specific channels conversion rate not just for all goals you setup, but for each individual goal. That’s powerful stuff.


I highly encourage you to review the list of bullet points below, as these are the most common topics I get asked to train companies in.
  • Using Tag Manager to track button clicks, form fills, video plays and more
  • Creating custom dashboards to easily view data
  • Analyzing specific channel data – SEO, AdWords, referral traffic
  • Finding specific landing page data
  • Measuring email traffic and guest blogs with campaign URLs
  • Setting up cross-domain tracking and connecting the visitor flow of users through multiple websites
  • Using campaign URLs to track clicks on links within a website
  • Creating goals
  • Syncing Google Analytics data with 3rd party tools or CRMs
  • How to make custom visitor segments (for example all people who landed on a blog, then completed a goal, or all people from a certain city who visited you on a mobile device)
  • Filtering out spam traffic

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Advanced Google Analytics Training Topics


For people who need more advanced Google Analytics topics to solve their data problems, I can be your total solution as well. The items below take more than just a certified trainer. I have real, hands on experience helping companies with the following items, which are widely considered to be the most technical, difficult to apply Google Analytics features.
  • Creating custom variables
  • Data imports and exports between 3rd party systems
  • Ecommerce tracking (setting it up or analyzing the data)
  • Advanced cohort analysis (for those who want to measure retention and the behavior of certain groups of visitors)
  • Mobile app tracking and reporting
  • Automation and intelligence events
  • GA’s calculated metrics
  • Customizing multi-channel attribution
  • Creating your own channel groupings
Learning these advanced GA features took a ton of reading and real world projects to get right, but it paid off big time. You’d be surprised how quickly we can cover their application and get your account gathering the data you need.


Ongoing Google Analytics Consulting from an Experienced, Certified Trainer


Have you ever taken a class and the best question that hit you came the second the trainer walked out of the room?


The worst Google Analytics training investments are those that don’t allow for follow-up. It’s not enough for you to be shown the answers, you or your team need to get real reps in within the platform.


During the post training period, as your team begins to confidently use Google Analytics on their own, it’s normal for questions to arise. You may be drilling into a section of GA exactly how you remember being trained, only to find the answer you’re looking for isn’t there. That’s because with different marketing campaigns, web pages and custom configurations there is always nuance.


I’ll be available to answer these difficult questions after the training, and help clear any roadblocks that slow down your teams effectiveness when analyzing data.


Custom Google Analytics Account Audits


When time is of the essence and scheduling a training with all the right party’s is too cumbersome, you can use a Google Analytics trainer to perform a list of tasks, audit your account and answer your most pressing data questions.


Often I’ve been asked to work remotely to provide custom reports and account configurations quickly. Whether it’s before an important quarterly report, or during a week when your digital marketing spending is sky high, there are situations where your Google Analytics reporting needs to be spot on so the right decisions can be made in a timely fashion.


Some tasks people often assign me to complete remotely for them include:
  • Creating custom visitor segments
  • Segmenting specific landing page data
  • Analyzing the performance of referral traffic
  • AdWords reports
  • New property views
  • Implementing goal and conversion tracking

Work With a Certified Google Analytics Trainer in the San Francisco Bay Area


Working with a Google Analytics expert is not only easy, but saves your company a tremendous amount of stress and aggravation. Sifting through the platform for the right features, or the right data, can be an endless, needless experience. Avoid getting caught in the weeds and schedule an onsite training session today.


Prior to coming onsite, we will have a phone or video call to discuss your list of problems.  After exchanging information and questions, I’ll write up a custom training outline which you can then edit even further until everything is to your liking.


During the training, there won’t just be lecture – we’ll engage in a real back and forth where everyone in the room can share their thoughts and point out what’s confusing them the most. The training will consist of a live review of your account (usually on a TV screen or projector), answering everything in the training outline, line by line. Days or weeks after the training we can conduct follow up meetings as needed.


Get in touch with me using the form below, or call my cell at 916-710-3306. If you’re looking for AdWords training or SEO training, I provide that as well. Thanks for visiting.
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