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Cut Wasteful Spending & Increase Conversions

Chances are, you’re losing money with non-optimized Google Ads campaigns.

If you’re unable to employ the correct keyword, demographic and search targeting features, as well as manage your bid prices and quality scores effectively, your competitors will continue to beat you.

Struggling to learn Google Ads on your own is no surprise. The platform was designed for statistical experts, numbers crunchers and programmers.

Google also rolls out new features every quarter, prohibiting people from ever catching up and fully utilizing its capabilities.

A simple 4-6 hour training session with an experienced Google Ads Consultant can pay huge dividends right away.

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Work With a Google Ads Consultant

You will see improved click thru rates, higher conversions and a lower cost per click in the first week.

Long term, you’ll be able to better manage your bids, make sense of your data, automate reporting and configure key interaction tracking.

The process begins with an account audit. We'll analyze what's working and what's not. Then we'll reallocate your budget so you're getting a better ROI.

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A/B Testing

End-to-End Tracking

In my experience with managing and auditing Google Ads accounts for different companies, what I notice is how they often implement the bare minimum for their accounts, and then simply let the campaigns run, checking in on the results only periodically.

The second problem companies often have is their landing page - the page that the visitor from the Google ad sees first.

Landing page creation, optimization and a/b testing can produce such amazing results.

It is literally a science all to itself. Some marketers make their entire living off of just knowing how to design and optimize landing pages.

Most companies just don’t bother creating an elegant, enticing landing page, nor do they implement any a/b testing.

Even the most basic a/b testing of your landing page copy, forms or design can increase conversions 20%+.

During the training or consulting, we can review tools like Google Optimize, which are user friendly and track a/b experiments for you.

These make it easy to know what variations of your landing page users like the most.

Another common mistake I see is businesses not setting up conversion tracking via Google Analytics or with a CRM.

Whether you’re trying to measure form fills, clicks, video plays or phone calls, you can use Google Analytics or 3rd party integrations so you’re clear on what was produced for the amount of Google Ads money you spent.

The digital tracking is half the battle - the other metrics companies most know to run a successful Google Ads campaign include:

  • The average # of leads needed for 1 customer or sale
  • The lifetime value of a customer
  • The average sale value
  • Your average profit per sale

Cost of Google Ads Training in San Francisco

Hands on Google Ads consulting from a certified trainer is more than affordable.

While there is no fixed pricing since the content can be customized and company accounts vary greatly in size, the rates are usually from $600-2000.

Many clients will realize a full return on their investment in the first month, depending on the size of their Google Ads budget and number of campaigns.

Unfortunately, many companies do the bare minimum account setup, and then check in on their campaigns only periodically.

What you have to understand is that the first month of data collection is where you will find the most problems and outliers.

The first 30 days is where you need to pay attention the most, whether it’s bid management, your keyword match type, demographic targeting errors you made, or - fingers crossed - conversion tracking that was configured incorrectly.

If you don’t recognize these problems quickly and fix them, the results of your test campaigns will be skewed.

Lastly, without expert knowledge of the platforms additional features, you’re not going to get the most out of a test campaign.

Whether it’s ad extensions, automated bidding, ad rotation options, campaign scheduling by date and time of day, zip code targeting or your search terms report, make sure you get the education you need by a certified trainer so your campaigns have a real shot at bringing in customers.

Going with the wrong campaign type and not testing out different targeting features will cost you greatly in the long run.

The worst result is when a company neglects these two things, makes common Google Ads account management mistakes and then concludes that Google Ads can’t produce a positive ROI.

They’ve completely eliminated an acquisition channel from their marketing game plan. Digital marketing is hard enough - don’t make it harder by coming to the wrong conclusion on Google Ads, which can reach so many potential customers.

Campaign types that companies often don’t think about when first using Google Ads include:

  • Remarketing campaigns - here is where you’ll want a Google Analytics expert because the remarketing lists you use for targeting are based on visitor segments that you define in GA. For example, if you want to run a Google Ads campaign targeting visitors who put a item into a shopping cart but did not make purchase, you can do that. If you want to retarget visitors who went to 3 or more pages on your website, you can do that too. If you want to target visitors who viewed your services page, or played a video on your website, those remarketing lists can be made as well.
  • Gmail ads - yes, those ads you see in your Gmail are available to you too. Depending on your product type, this could be the best environment to reach a potential customer. Think about the frame of mind a user is in when checking their email, and ask if that’s the right moment you want to reach them. They may be corresponding with friends and family, or working on business projects. Could your product be a solution for them?
  • Video campaigns on YouTube - if you want to introduce your product or service to a potential customer via a story, video is your best bet. And if you have invested heavily in video production already, leverage that investment with a smartly crafted video campaign. Like search ads, you’ll be able to place your video ad on relevant YouTube content or searches and track conversions with Google Analytics. You’ll also receive a ton of viewing data and metrics to see how users interacted with your video ad.

My Experience as a S.F. Google Ads Trainer & Consultant

I’ve been using Google Ads for over 8 years, working with dozens of companies to help acquire them new business via Google.

I’ve performed the following, specific services in relation to Google Ads campaigns:

  • Full account management
  • Campaign creation and setup
  • Configuring Google Analytics tracking
  • Setting up remarketing campaigns
  • Running mobile, call only campaigns
  • Account audits
  • Staff training
  • Automation of ads, alerts and bid rules

Whether you’re looking for hands on Google Ads training, an account audit, or to speak with a trainer for expert advice, I can help.

Contact me today at or call me at 916-710-3306. If you're in need of Bay Area SEO training or Google Analytics training, I specialize in those fields as well.

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“From the day Cort stepped on board, he provided massive value to the Hack Reactor organization by planning and executing online, email marketing and search engine optimization strategies." - Doug Calhoun,  Co-Founder