SEO Guide for Developers, Programmers and Software Engineers

Ah, software engineers. Can’t live with them, can’t live without them.

In all seriousness, engineers are some of the best people to work with. It helps a great deal when your SEO person is not the most technical mind in the room. As the engineers are the site architects, and as UX is becoming more and more a factor in SEO and search rankings, your developers and programmers need to be schooled in the art of search. (Engineers also might be noticing that companies are putting knowledge of SEO more and more as a required skill on their developer jobs ads).

On top of UX, engineers want to be aware of things like Schema Tags, url best practices, video and image sitemaps, Google Webmaster Tools and compression tools because they can greatly help page speed.

Because some websites don’t have a standard CMS, you’ll want your engineers to be able to easily change meta descriptions, title tags and make an effort not to auto populate these things, because Google hates duplicate content. 

An SEO Guide for Developers, Programmers and Software Engineers

The following slideshow can pretty much run without commentary. It’s an SEO guide for software engineers that relies heavily on best practices that come straight from Google. There are videos and chapters specifically for the many points of emphasis above. You can also check out this developer SEO cheat sheet from SEOMoz.

[slideshare id=36665874&doc=seoforengineers-140705224222-phpapp01]

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