Pinterest Marketing Tips and Strategy, Plus Pinterest SEO

Recently a colleague expressed interest in doing more social media work on Pinterest. I sent a brief email with advice and some helpful links:


What strategy do you have as far as Pinterest goes?

We already had the website verified and back linked from February, so now I am trying to focus on how to optimize the site.

Should I post the pictures we have on ******** and tag each photo with our website?

Trying to think of good content to put on the Pinterest site.

Let me know!


Good questions. Here’s an awesome article on how to get more leads from Pinterest. It will work well for (*company names).

With Pinterest, you really want high quality. Think quality over quantity. Also, categorize and use the “board” features. Write really good descriptions that are catchy and descriptive. If you can’t find the right words, look up some sophisticated synonyms. Most of the users on Pinterest are women, so pin things with that in mind. If you don’t think a female audience would be into what you’re posting, try something else.

Also repinning other cool stuff that relates to your board or account is a good idea.

Here’s a couple other good articles on strategy you should check out:


Note – Pinterest pages rank incredibly high in search. You’ll often find them on page one for various topics. If your industry doesn’t have a Pinterest page, you could be the leader there and potential see some search value from it.

According to this blog about Pinterest SEO, “Whole Foods is a rocking example of a company that’s doing just that. Their Pinterest page is ranked 5th when you search “Whole Foods.” Not too shabby, and they’re obviously doing something right because they have over 150k followers.”

Pinterest has its own search functions, and if your products are for women, you should definitely optimize your profile for Pinterest search. The link to your site is a no-follow form Pinterest, but no-follow links don’t have zero SEO value, so it’s nice to have.

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