13 Reaction GIFs That Convey Life As An Independent Contractor

This website isn’t really meant to describe the journey of being a freelance marketing consultant, but the first year has been quite an exhilarating and educational experience.

Here are 13 reaction GIFs that sum up the roller coaster of emotions you go on when you’re a contractor.

1. When you just signed a new client


2. When you just lost a client

3. When you over-deliver

4. When you under-deliver

5. When you’ve been offered work on two cool projects but only have time for one

6.  When the client asks if you can stay on for more work

The Definitive Collection Of Hooray Gifs

7. When the client doesn’t ask if you can stay on for more work

8. When potentially new clients ask your old clients about your rates

9. When you complete the scope of work on time

10. When you’re totally booked and people still ask if you’re available for work

11. When you’re totally not booked and no one is asking if you’re available for work

Doctor in the Rain

12. When you have to figure out how much to pay in quarterly estimated taxes using 540-ES and 1040-ES forms


13. Lastly, the joy that comes from waking up at noon just because you can

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