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Are you part of a disjointed marketing effort? Are you also using HubSpot?

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The answer to both these questions shouldn’t be yes – in fact, that should be impossible. One of HubSpot’s primary features is “Campaigns” – a tool that lets you designate all of the following into one focused marketing effort:

  • Target keyword phrases
  • Landing pages
  • Automated emails
  • Call to actions
  • Social media messages
  • Blogs
  • Goals over a period of time (think number of visits, leads or new customers you want)

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The value of keeping your marketing in individual campaigns is immense. Every campaign has a different offer, different messaging, different keyword phrases and customer personas you’re going after.

So you’re not only trying to stay on point and focused, you’re also trying to measure which demographic leads to more business.

Begin the Process of Organizing Your HubSpot Marketing

If you’ve already populated your HubSpot account with numerous contact lists, email workflows, landing pages and blogs, you can still tie these back to a single marketing campaign. However, you’ll want to annotate them with the date you made the switch so you know when to measure from for accurate campaign data.

By placing all your HubSpot items into a single campaign, you’ll be able to target, convert and measure everything much more effectively.

Eliminate the Need for Separate Tools and Analytics

If you’ve purchased HubSpot and still have marketing efforts going on outside of the platform, that will only add more stress and work. Give up that MailChimp account or the 3rd party landing page service you’re using for AdWords and keep it all in HubSpot.

Get in the practice of integrating all marketing efforts through HubSpot, and you’ll cut down on the need to login to additional tools and export data from more sources, which you would then need to combine with what’s already inside HubSpot.

All of this extra work can be a nightmare and slow down your marketing growth rate big time.

For more information about how to use HubSpot like a pro, contact me using this form. Thanks for reading.

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