What Tactics Do SEO Experts Use to Acquire Links?

One of the ways a SEO expert can help you grow your search traffic is through link building. Link building may have spammy connotations with some people, but when it’s done the right way, it’s a benefit to your website and the site that links over to you.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that your product or service will heavily dictate how you can most efficiently build links.

Some products or services are more appropriate for social media / influencer outreach, others are better suited for linkable assets and guest blogs.

Highly Effective Ways a SEO Specialist Can Build Links

SEO experts use various tactics to secure links and improve the search engine rankings of a website. Here are some commonly employed strategies:

High-quality content: Creating valuable and relevant content is one of the most effective ways to attract natural links. When content is informative, engaging, and shareable, other websites are more likely to link to it.

Outreach and relationship building: SEO experts often reach out to relevant websites, bloggers, and influencers in their industry to establish relationships and request backlinks. This involves personalized outreach emails, guest posting opportunities, or collaboration on content creation.

Broken link building: This strategy involves finding broken links on other websites and suggesting suitable replacements, which can be the SEO expert’s own content. It provides value to the website owner and increases the chances of acquiring a new link.

Link reclamation: Identifying instances where a website has mentioned your brand or content without including a link and reaching out to request that they add one. This helps to capitalize on existing mentions and turn them into valuable backlinks.

Resource link building: Creating comprehensive, well-researched resource guides or articles that provide immense value to users. These resources are more likely to attract backlinks from websites looking to reference authoritative content.

Competitor analysis: Analyzing the backlink profiles of competitor websites can uncover potential link opportunities. By identifying where their competitors have acquired links, SEO experts can aim to secure similar links for their own website.

Social media promotion: Sharing content on social media platforms can increase its visibility, leading to more opportunities for others to discover and link to it.

Influencer collaborations: Partnering with influential individuals or brands in your industry can help in securing links. This could involve joint content creation, product reviews, or interviews that result in mentions and backlinks.

Content syndication: Publishing content on authoritative platforms or niche-specific websites can attract links and drive traffic back to your website. However, it’s essential to ensure that the syndication is done correctly to avoid duplicate content issues.

Creating linkable assets: Developing unique and valuable resources, such as infographics, research studies, industry reports, or interactive tools, which are more likely to be linked to by other websites.

Here’s one of my favorites put together by a gambling site – they did a study to see which city had the smartest NBA fans. This made for great social media fodder and a lot of blogs picked it up.

It’s important to note that link building should be approached ethically and in line with search engine guidelines. Building links naturally and focusing on high-quality content is a long-term strategy that can lead to sustainable results.

Depending on what content you have built already, and the product or service category you’re in, there may be better options for you than others.

To see how you can get the most out of these link building strategies, email me at cort@bayareaseosolutions.com for a free consultation.

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