What Does an Ongoing SEO Engagement Consist of?

Deciding whether or not you want to hire a full-time SEO marketer, part-time SEO marketer or SEO consultant is a tough decision.

This post is to help folks gain a better understanding of what the SEO consultant option looks like. 

An ongoing SEO consulting engagement typically consists of various activities aimed at improving a website’s visibility and organic search rankings. 

Here are some common components of such engagements. Keep in mind that months 1 and 2 of your work together will likely include some unique one-time deliverables that are specific to your website needs and issues.

  1. Website Analysis: The SEO consultant will assess your website’s structure, content, and technical aspects to identify areas for improvement. They may conduct an SEO audit, analyze keyword usage, review site speed and performance, and assess user experience factors.
  1. Keyword Research: The consultant will research relevant keywords and phrases that align with your business and target audience. This involves identifying high-value keywords with substantial search volumes and reasonable competition. The chosen keywords will be used to optimize your website’s content.
  1. On-Page Optimization: The consultant will help optimize your website’s individual pages for improved search engine visibility. This includes optimizing meta tags (title tags, meta descriptions), headers, URLs, and image alt tags. They may also suggest content modifications to enhance keyword targeting and improve overall quality.
  1. Content Strategy: A crucial part of SEO is creating high-quality, relevant, and engaging content. The consultant will work with you to develop a content strategy that aligns with your goals and target audience. This may involve identifying topics, conducting research, and optimizing content to include targeted keywords.
  1. Technical SEO: Technical aspects of a website can impact search rankings. The SEO consultant will review technical elements like site speed, mobile responsiveness, crawlability, XML sitemaps, and structured data markup. They will provide recommendations to improve these technical aspects for better search engine visibility.
  1. Backlink Analysis and Link Building: Backlinks (links from other websites to yours) play a crucial role in SEO. The consultant will analyze your existing backlink profile, identify high-quality opportunities for link building, and help devise strategies to acquire new, relevant backlinks from reputable sources.
  1. Monitoring and Reporting: The consultant will monitor your website’s performance using various SEO tools and analytics platforms. They will track keyword rankings, organic traffic, conversion rates, and other relevant metrics. Regular reports will be provided to measure progress and identify areas for further improvement.
  1. Algorithm Updates and Industry Changes: SEO is continually evolving, and search engine algorithms change frequently. The consultant will stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends, algorithm updates, and best practices. They will adapt strategies and tactics to ensure your website remains optimized for the latest search engine requirements.
  2. Consultation and Collaboration: Throughout the engagement, the SEO consultant will provide guidance, answer your questions, and offer strategic advice to help you achieve your SEO goals. They may collaborate with your internal teams, such as marketing or development, to implement recommended changes effectively.
  1. Continuous Optimization: SEO is an ongoing process, and the consultant will continuously optimize your website to achieve the best results. They will analyze data, identify areas for improvement, and refine strategies accordingly to maximize your website’s search engine visibility.

Remember that specific activities and deliverables may vary depending on your business goals, industry, and the agreement with the SEO consultant. 

It’s essential to communicate your objectives clearly and maintain open lines of communication throughout the engagement.

For more information or just to talk about search marketing, feel free to email me cort@bayareaseosolutions.com. Thanks for reading.

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