SEO Consultant in San Francisco for Startups and Large Tech Companies

Being an SEO consultant in San Francisco provides a great opportunity for case studies and hitting home runs.

There’s a wonderful balance between large, enterprise tech companies that are willing to invest lots of resources and startups looking for their first ever marketing game plan.

Employees at these places are highly digital and passionate about their products – the necessary ingredients to running a fruitful digital marketing campaign.

SEO Consultant for Startups in San Francisco

SEO works particularly well with startups that have new products that target a completely original keyword eco-system. Searchers are looking for content to explain these new products so they can understand their features and capabilities. Information such as user reviews and pricing are also on their radar.

With search engine result pages completely wide open for these industries’ new search optimized content, ranking on page one is easily in reach.

What also makes being an SEO consultant for startups fun is that marketing usually comes third or fourth behind product development, business development and human resources. How many of these startups in San Francisco manage to survive putting their website and social media that far down the totem pole is a a testament to the strength of their products.

SEO Consultant for Large Tech Companies in San Francisco

Large tech companies that provide software as a service have niche keywords they need to target to continue bringing in new customers. These keywords often cost quite a bit to target with PPC or display marketing campaigns, as well funded competitors keep driving up the bid prices.

Eventually, the ROI of search optimizing your website and ranking organically is too good to pass up. My take on these companies’ marketing so far is that they originally started out doing organic work and then abandoned it as it became more difficult due to Google’s significant algorithm updates. These companies also got much better at running their AdWords campaigns and utilizing new targeting features.

Now these companies are getting back to SEO, and using new SEO software and plugins to take their optimization to whole new levels.

SEO Consulting for S.F. Companies Not Doing Any SEO

As much as I love startups and huge companies, any company that has neglected to search optimize their site in any way is like a huge bulls eye for me. It’s impossible to lose money on SEO consulting if you’ve never applied it to your web pages, blog or any other content you put online like video or audio.

SEO Consulting with San Francisco’s AirPair

I recently became a certified AirPair SEO expert, doing my first hour with the owner of a social networking/e-commerce website. (You can read my latest AirPair blog here, “5 SEO Hacks I Learned While Consulting in San Francisco.”

AirPair provides video to video chat between professionals and those seeking their services. Prices for each consultation are set by the expert. AirPair provides tech support and customer service to both the professional and user.

AirPair has a super smart founder named Igor Lebovic who has studied and mastered SEO. Check out his video interview with Search Engine Land below.


List of Other San Francisco SEO Consultants

(Not a recommendation, just info.)

  • Jason McDonald provides consulting services in Internet marketing: SEO, AdWords, and Social Media Marketing
  • Elance SEO Consultants in San Francisco
  • John F. Doherty – Experience in many different niches

If you’re looking for an expert Google Analytics consultant, I do that as well.

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