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My years of experience include work across nearly all industries with established & new companies. I’m available for work onsite or remotely. Read more below to see which of my services best suit your needs.


Digital Marketing Services Provided:


Guest Speaker At:


Customer Analytics and Intelligence Conference, Startup Leadership Program, Parisoma, AcademyX, Runway, and SV.InFusion.


Background in SEO, Consulting and Marketing


For the past two years I have been freelance SEO consulting for multiple startups and established companies in San Francisco.


I left college as a writing intern for, where I had a knack for story ideas and analytics. Within a year, I became majority owner, managing 15-20 team members across the country, networking with HBO, Comedy Central and IFC, and increasing search traffic 95%.


I transitioned into jobs more geared toward the art of online lead acquisition and conversion. Upon moving out to San Francisco, I took a job with a tech education startup.


We had so much success implementing our marketing strategy that I was invited to be a guest speaker at Parisoma, where I will be returning for my fourth talk seventh talk next February. I was also recently invited to be a speaker at the Startup Leadership Program and SV In.Fusion.




What metrics would you use to determine the success of your SEO efforts?


I’d look at four metrics:


  1. Rankings of the company’s highest valued phrases
  2. Overall increase in non-branded search traffic
  3. SEO traffic conversion rates
  4. Total increase in search traffic


What experience do you have with doing technical/backend SEO and working with developers?


I’ve been a part of over a dozen website redesigns, working directly and indirectly with web developers to ensure best SEO practices are implemented. Common tasks on these projects included educating the team on site architecture, redirects, URLs, webmaster tools, title tags, schema tags and best practices for having a fast loading website.


What’s an example or case study you have that demonstrates a successful SEO campaign?


For one, you can Google SEO expert San Francisco, where I rank anywhere from pos. 1 to 6. If you Google similar phrases like SEO contractor SF, or San Francisco SEO specialist, I’m also on page one.


At my most recent marketing job, our SEO strategy went incredibly well. We increased non-branded search traffic 95%, web traffic 200% and search traffic 200% within six months. We achieved page one ranking for 25-30 high value phrases. To this day, the company still ranks on page one for phrases I optimized the website for.


Before S.F, I owned an entertainment website and quickly realized SEO was a large source of traffic. We made SEO a priority and along with great content from our team of writers, we doubled website traffic and increased search traffic by nearly 100%.


How would you optimize for international search or global SEO?


Global SEO has a playbook. You can duplicate your website’s most crucial pages, and host it on a country coded top level domain or a subdirectory within your current domain. Where your U.S. website is, the version of your website in Spain is, or the subdirectory would be


The pages should be translated by a person, not a machine,  to ensure a good user experience. Adding hreflang tags will let Google know the browser language you’re targeting with each page. It’s also a good practice to verify the subdirectory or new site on Google Search Console.


Service areas include:
  • Oakland
  • Walnut Creek
  • Palo Alto
  • Silicon Valley
  • Hayward

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