What’s in a Website SEO Analysis

SEO Analysis: Goals

The goal of these reports is to provide a detailed action list and SEO strategy to get your website ranking well in search. It also includes checking for site map, structural, URL, on-page, off-page, and other SEO factors that may be preventing a company’s website from reaching its full search traffic potential. The report will be written in a way that is understandable by technical and non-technical audiences.

Included below is a detailed list of which factors I’ll check for, links to the tools I’ll be using and what types of questions I’ll be answering.

Webmaster Tools Report: Indexability, Crawl Errors, PageSpeed Insights, Developer Issues (CSS, JavaScript etc.), HTTP Status Errors

Tools: Webmaster Tools, Pingdom Full Page Test

Questions explored: Are there any crawling errors? Are URLs not being indexed? Is JavaScript or CSS getting in the way of load time? Are there broken links?

Site Navigation: Hierarchy, Pagination, Prioritized Content, Content Accessibility, UX and Usability Testing

Tools: Manual examination, Google Analytics to gauge visitor flow

Questions explored: Is the architecture reasonably flat? Do visitors flow to the desired pages? Is content prioritized correctly in the navigation? Is there plenty of internal linking?

Off-Page Ranking Factors: Domain Authority, Trustworthiness, Backlink Profile, Social Media Engagement, External Link Text

Tools: SEOMoz’s Open Site Explorer (pro version), Klout, Trusted Source

Questions explored: Is there plenty of link diversity? What is the overall SEO of external linked text? Are there any website trust issues? Does domain authority need to be improved?

On-Page Ranking Factors: Page Titles, Meta Descriptions, Headers, URLs, Internal linking, Duplicate Content, Thin Content, Keyword Cannibalization, Image SEO (filename, alt text)

Tools: Screaming Frog, Copyscape, PlagSpotter

Questions explored: Are SEO best practices being applied to as many pages as possible? What pages can be improved? Is there duplicate content that should be removed? Are there images that need SEO? If using WordPress, are expert WordPress SEO tactics employed?

Keyword Ranking Analysis and Research: Average Position, Keyword Volume, Long-Tail Keywords, Keyword Ideas and Keyword Categories

Questions explored: Has overall ranking gone up or down recently? If so, why? Are there high-value keywords the website is not ranking for? What are they? Can these keywords be added to current web pages/content or do new web pages and content need to be made?

Tools: Webmaster Data, Google Keyword Planner, Moz

Google Analytics Consulting: Traffic Reports, Review of Acquisition Channels, Bounce Rates, Visitor Flow, Page Speed

Questions explored: Has web traffic taken an unusual dip, grown or stayed the same? Is there a time spent on page or bounce rate problem with any regularly visited web pages? Is search traffic growing, shrinking or staying the same? Why? What are the recommendations via PageSpeed Insights?

Tools: Google Analytics

Competitor Research: On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, Site Hierarchy, Keyword Review

Questions explored: How can we use your competitors SEO strategy to implement the best SEO plan for you.

Tools: Manual Examination, Keyword Density Tools, SEMRush, Opensiteexplorer.org, Google Page Speed Insights, Moz Tools

If Penalization Is Suspected: 

1. Confirm that either yes, a penalty has occurred, or that another SEO error is the problem

2. Identify what caused the penalty

3  Explain how to correct the error, or how to submit a reconsideration request

Price: Based roughly on the size of the project

To schedule a free SEO consultation, email corttafoya@gmail.com.

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