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Hands on SEO training comes in many forms. In general, you can expect:

  • Live interaction and back in forth with a trained SEO professional
  • Review and analysis of real case studies relevant to your industry
  • A walk through of essential SEO tools you’ll use for your campaigns
  • Creation of concrete SEO deliverables, tasks and content you can start using that very day
  • Personalized SEO coaching to ensure the best results for your company and website

You can receive this on site at your company, or through 1v1 video chats. Learn more about SEO training I provide in San Francisco and surrounding locations.

How Hands On SEO Training Works | S.F.

For hands on, in person SEO training, it’s important to go through some legitimate preparation ahead of time. This means answering very important SEO questions so that when a consultant or professional arrives, they can hit the ground running.

Discovery of marketing assets or collateral, other websites or additional sub domains can throw an entire session for a loop, forcing documents to be edited, priorities to be reorganized and even completely changing previous recommendations.

Prior to hands on SEO training, answer the following questions:

  • How many websites and sub domains are you dealing with?
  • Are you verified on Google Webmaster Tools? If not, make sure you do get verified before the session
  • Is your SEO traffic going up, down or staying the same?
  • How often do you blog and how many people at your company are blogging?
  • Who is your top SEO competitor? Their site should be reviewed
  • What do you most need help with for your SEO strategy? If starting from scratch, point that out. If it’s something like keywords, off-page SEO or technical challenges, mention that as well
  • How big is your email list and is it segmented?
  • What other websites/businesses do you partner with?
  • Do you have PR contacts or a PR firm working for you?
  • Are you running an AdWords campaign?
  • Are you redesigning your website any time soon?
  • Who’s the point of contact for website or design changes? That person should be there for the session, as should all your marketers

Ensuring the Best Hands On SEO Training and Learning Experience

Having accurate responses to the questions above will definitely help guarantee your SEO training is high quality and effective. Above all else, you need a professional who’s personally invested in your success, and that’s a value I’m proud to share.

Following up with me after any hands on training is an important part of the experience. This makes sure that:

  • SEO training is being implemented accurately
  • There’s no confusion about what was said during the session or class
  • Questions that came to the team after the SEO consultant left can still be answered
  • New found SEO challenges can be handled with ease

Call me at 916-710-3306 or email me at corttafoya@gmail.com for a free consultation.

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