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Soon after I moved out to San Francisco I began work at a tech education company and became friends with our director of business outreach and development.

My colleague showed a ton of faith in me by pitching my SEO expertise to Parisoma, a collaborative workspace that hosts guest speakers. I was stoked to have an opportunity to talk SEO/content marketing with startups and other business leaders during two 90 minute lectures/Q&A’s.

Building Web Traffic Through SEO 
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This one, “Startup Marketing: Building Web Traffic Through SEO,” features a breakdown of how a startup or business might go about implementing an SEO marketing game plan.

The slideshow features the nuts and bolts of how SEO works and what analytics to follow. It also explains the role social signals play in the ranking of content, provides an intro to keyword research and non-text SEO factors.

It doesn’t get into the specifics of what content to create, but it’s a good resource for gaining an understanding of how/why people do SEO and content marketing.

To access the slideshow on Google drive, click here.

Note: Do not redistribute or share this content for business purposes! All data and photos in this presentation are not my own.

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Reviews of my class:

“Good takeaways, deep knowledge of the subject.”

“[Cort] gave a solid overview of the subject, and he gave me some actionable items that I can use immediately.”

“The topic was very relevant and useful to everyone and included good opportunities for dialogue through questions and answers. The instructor also used my business as an example by talking to me and knowing my needs before the class.”

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